Future-ready energy solutions for data centers

How data centers can reduce carbon footprint without compromising reliability


Data centers are complex operations. Not only must they meet high demands in terms of reliability, rapid operational readiness, and future-proof expandability, but they must also do so in ways that are increasingly carbon-neutral. In this session Dario Schilling, Senior Manager of Direct Sales EMEA for the Power Systems division of Rolls-Royce, discusses solutions to help data centers address their carbon footprint, from aftertreatment and sustainable fuels for internal combustion engines to battery storage and fuel cells. 

Learning objectives include:

  • Review use of renewable fuels in internal combustion engines for mission critical standby power applications
  • Introduction of future technology, such as hydrogen fuel cells, for mission critical standby power
  • Exploration of the role microgrids and battery storage can play for data center operators

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