Intelligent controls: The heart of any distributed energy system

Why intelligent controls are essential for new energy landscape


In this presentation Jan Henker, Senior Expert on Automation & Controls for the Power Systems division of Rolls-Royce, and Dr. Dominic Buchstaller, Director of Electric & Electronic Systems, introduce our new control platform EnergetIQ and explore the importance of intelligent controls in effectively managing distributed energy resources to create a high-performing system. Watch this presentation to learn why intelligent controls are crucial for designing, optimizing and integrating a distributed energy system such as a microgrid. 

Learning objectives include:

  • Understanding the importance of a smart, powerful controller to effectively manage distributed energy resources
  • Explanation of the key controller functions needed to create a high-performing system
  • Exploration of the controller’s role in designing, optimizing and integrating complex power generation systems such as a microgrid

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