A New Microgrid Success: Powering a UK logistic park with Sustainable Power

Discover how Rolls-Royce provides sustainable, affordable and reliable power to Symmetry Park in Biggleswade with an integrated microgrid solution

Use Case

Symmetry Park Biggleswade in the UK faced the challenge of insufficient grid capacity and wanted a reliable and sustainable solution to overcome this challenge. Rolls-Royce stepped up, delivering a full microgrid solution, including a state-of-the-art energy management system, the mtu EnergetIQ.

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  • How can you solve the challenges of insufficient grid capacity with sustainable power?
  • What Rolls-Royce can do with a combination of CHP plants, energy storage, and standby generators, while making sure everything works seamlessly?
  • Why Rolls-Royce is a globally reputed brand offering advanced power solutions tailored to individual energy demand anywhere in the world?

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