Hybrid Solutions: CHP, Renewable Energies and Battery Storage Systems

Optimization of heat and electricity for a logistics center

Use Case

There is no standard solution to the challenges posed by rising cost pressure and increasing emissions regulations. Instead, an intelligent combination of solutions can reduce costs and achieve emission targets at the same time.

The mix of combined heat and power plants (CHP), battery storage systems (BESS) and renewable energies also offers another advantage: greater independence from the public power grid, which can protect against fluctuations and power outages. In this use case, we use the example of a logistics center to show which configurations can be used to achieve these goals and how companies can be made fit for a more sustainable future.

Summary of the insights:

  • Optimized CHP operation: a hybrid solution of CHP and BESS can help to reduce fuel consumption and generator runtime.
  • Saving grid energy costs: BESS can help to avoid grid costs through targeted load shifting.
  • Optimizing self-consumption of CHP or solar power: increasing the consumption of energy generated on site by storing PV energy and operating combined heat and power plants.

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