Large Battery Storage Project for the Dutch Power Grid

Find out how Rolls-Royce provides 60 MWh of storage capacity supports the utility grid and integrates renewable energy sources into the public grid.

Use Case

The Dutch developer SemperPower, set up a plant in Vlissingen, Netherlands in 2023 and wanted to meet the energy needs of thousands of households. Rolls-Royce came up with a solution and installed a large-scale mtu EnergyPack QG battery energy storage system with a capacity of 30 MW and a storage capacity of 60 MWh to integrate renewable energy sources seamlessly and to stabilize the grid.

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  • How can you ensure the optimal integration of renewable energy into a national grid?
  • What Rolls-Royce can do with mtu EnergetIQ and store energy from wind and solar sources during optimal weather conditions and release energy when there is no wind or the sun is not shining?
  • Why Rolls-Royce is a globally recognized brand offering modern energy solutions tailored to industry-level demands?

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